Seed Treating
More and more research is pointing to root health as the key to increasing future crop productivity. To help ensure optimum root health and maximum yield potential in cereals, valuable seed protection is critical from the very beginning. In, recent years, seed treatments have been proving their worth and are becoming standard. Not only do quality fungicide and insecticide seed treatments help prevent the spread of plant diseases and keep insects at bay, they also offer added convenience, ease of handling, increased root mass, lower use rates and proven defense from day one.

By having seed treated, growers are equipping their crops with powerful tools that not only defend against pest related yield reductions, but also deliver faster germination and emergence, increased stand establishment and more vigorous plants. As a result, stems and foliage are healthier and can better withstand environmental stress, which leads to enhanced and consistent yield performance. 
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​Dan Widener

Our portable seed treater can come to you or your seed dealer to provide you with the best chemical coverage for your seed in the market today.